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Will You Be One of Them?

There are only 2 days left in our YouCaring Building Fundraiser and we are still $3,225.00 short of our needed goal.

I know that sounds like a large amount of money, and for any one of us, it is, but please don't think of it as one large amount that you can't cover. Instead think of yourself being able to give $5.00. That is an amount that most of us can do right! It's one cup of Starbucks coffee, or a couple of chocolate bars, or one lunch to pack instead of buying, or opening up the piggy bank. All simple, easy things to forego for one day.

In return for that $5.00 you are making it possible for us to give the needed living space to stray rescue cats that spent most of their lives living outside in cold, rain, heat, storms and snow. Getting them off the streets was the first day, but every day after, for the rest of their lives, they need adequate living space to call home.

We only need 645 people to donate just $5.00 each to reach our goal. Please don't wait for someone else to be one of them. If everyone waits for someone else to help, these amazing cats that have fought so hard for life, will never get the living space they need.

For only $5.00 each 645 people can change their lives! Will you be one of them?

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