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Be Responsible

Every day hundreds of people across the country dump their animals, often with babies, making them the responsibility of someone else. If people that keep unaltered animals won't take the responsibility for their inevitable offspring, then have the decency to alter them! What gives these people the belief, for one moment, that they have the right to allow their animals to breed, then abandon them when they do? What part of being humane do they not understand? What part of being human do they lack?

We have raised, fed, cared for, payed the medical care for hundreds of their animals, and buried to many that we could not save. All around us, other rescues and private, caring humans, experience the same.

No thanks to the humans that were responsible for Timmy, he continues to fight with the heart of a lion. His will to live, his tenacity and strength, should never have had to be so tested. No animals should be! Not one of the cats who have and are living here, and at every rescue, should have been. Not one animal now alone on the streets should have been. Not one animal that dies every day should have been.

When will we all start holding the irresponsible family, friend, coworker, neighbor accountable? When will the voices of the outraged be loud enough to be heard? When will the irresponsible be shamed enough to make change? As long as anyone stands silently by, seeing and not speaking, I fear they never will.



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