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Sporting My New Ear Tip

Well, here I am sporting my new ear tip! The Assistant released me yesterday morning in the barn and I have to admit, I took off right out the door as fast as my legs would take me. I'm sure you can put yourself in my paws and imagine what the last few days have been like for myself and the 13 others that JL TNR'd this week. They ended up with 6 females and 8 males.

Anyway, after running into the woods and hanging out in the shelter for awhile, as you can see I did come back to the barn last night for a big meal, I wouldn't eat while in the trap, and a good night sleep up in the hayloft. It was really nice to be back home!

Along with being neutered and rabies vaccinated, I was also tested. It turns out I am FIV+. Not sure what that is, but the Assistant said that I wasn't a fighter with the other cats and was another special cat and very welcome here. Grayson and Hugo told me that being FIV+ didn't make me any less of a wonderful cat, and that they have lived here happy and healthy for over 3 years now. I think everything is going to be just fine.

Thanks for all your words of support before my surgery! The ear tip does look kind of cool!


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