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Food, Litter & Treats Don't Grow on Trees

I'm not pleased with how many pictures of kittens the Assistant has been sharing of late. I know you miss seeing my lovely face. Nor am I happy about all the extra mouths to feed. Yes, I guess they are cute, but we now have 9 kittens and 4 new adults to care for every day and our food, litter and treats don't grow on trees...I've checked!

I've heard that people can set up something called 'monthly donations' through Paypal. It's supposed to be really easy, you set the amount and the date for it to be transferred and then no worries, it's done automatically for you. No amount is to small and every dollar will go towards caring for us all. It sure would be nice to not have to worry every month whether or not I will be fed, or be able to go to the doctor if I need to, or heaven forbid, I can't have treats because the cupboards are bare!!

If you could help me out here, I'd really appreciate it, well, actually the whole gang would, they like food and treats too. Please consider helping with our monthly care because saving us does cost lots of the green papers. In the meantime, I'll keep checking the trees.

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