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Mastitis is a Killer

This lovely young girl was part of our last TNR group. She was spayed on the 11th and was released back to her outdoor home on the 16th. When spayed she was in early pregnancy and already had mastitis. If she had not been trapped, and carried her babies till term, it is very possible that she would not have been able to feed them when born because of the infection and/or pain. Do you believe that allowing that outcome would have been more humane than having her spayed? Do you believe that cats should be left unaltered to allow them to breed? If you say no to both these questions, then please, educate your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about the overpopulation problem; about the numbers of animals being killed in shelters; about the hardships of living life on the streets without a caregiver; and help them have their pets or neighborhood community cats altered. One person can make a difference!

For more information on mastitis see our information note here.

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