I Love These Moments

Trapping them is amazing, but releasing them newly spay/neutered and vaccinated is one of the best parts of TNR for me. I never tire of the emotions that these moments bring and hate to miss a release. In a few weeks we know that their caregivers will be blessed with seeing already healthier, better groomed and happier cats when they go out to feed.

Just a few days ago one of our colony caregivers called to tell us how amazed he is at the difference in the colonies looks and behaviors since being TNR'd. He said that one in particular really pulled at his heart strings; a 5 year old female, who has had 2-3 litters every year of her life and never showed any interest in anything other than survival, he now finds rolling in the grass, napping in the sunshine on the warm concrete patio and playing with toys like a young kitten.

Yes, I love these moments.

Pictured - April 12, 2016 release of TNR Colony 40


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