A New Cat in the Barn

Check out this adorable face! He appeared out of our woods about 2 weeks ago and made himself comfortable in one of the shelters in the wood line. We hoped that he would find his way to the barn for more protection and a week ago he did just that. He figured out to jump up on the ledge and enter the barn through the cat flap. The little stinker wouldn't have anything to do with the traps I set over the weekend. Had hoped to take him in for microchip scanning and altering last Monday with the TNR group we did. The traps are still in the barn but locked open to give him the chance to get used to them being there and we will try again over the weekend. In the meantime, I am enjoying watching him make himself comfortable sleeping and eating in the barn. That face is adorable isn't it? If you recognize him, please call us at 260-388-2133

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