Reasons to Support Spay/Neuter

April 9th, snow on the ground again and below freezing temperatures. We are thinking of all the mom's that are outside doing everything they can to keep their babies warm and alive. Yes, we are adorable when you see us like this, but we know and must never forget that our faces only represent the occasional happy ones. Today and every day there are thousands of female cats that are starving and struggling just to live every day, and they are now also fighting to protect and nurture their newborn babies. They didn't ask for this responsibility, they didn't ask to be baby machines. Humans have left them to be. Now they are curling their bodies around those of their babies just to keep them alive. No, it is not an adorable picture, and we can never allow ourselves to forget them. When you look at us, please remember them. Support, be a voice, fight for spay/neuter of pets and TNR programs everywhere.

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