Beware Barking Humans

I hope I'm safe here in my cubicle. Some strong plastic wrap surrounding me would definitely make me feel safer though. Maybe I can convince the Mr. to rig something up for me? It's the Assistant, she is barking like a dog!! She woke up yesterday morning with burning in her throat and chest. As the day progressed she quickly started barking. Long, loud barking. I had no idea that humans had the ability to bark, but this one does. Anyway, whatever she has, I don't want it! What respectable cat wants to bark like a dog!! It also looks painful and she is talking all weird stuff. We actually heard her say that she couldn't go to work and that she was going to rest! That's even scarier than the barking! Yes, plastic wrapped walls seems like the best option for me. Better get going and get the Mr. working on that right away. Have a safe day everyone and stay away from barking humans. Love Ralph

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