Helping our Friends

Our great friend, Grandpa Jones, from Helping Paws Pet Haven, Inc.posted a picture today of his whiskery face for 'Whiskery Wednesday'. Although I love his old whiskers, I just had to share my whiskers cause I'm sure they are just amazing!!

I also really wanted to tell you that Grandpa and his crew at Helping Paws are participating in the Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge. I think it would be wonderful if we and all our friends can help them win! Simply go to the link below and type their name in the shelter search box (you can add the city and state if you like, Huntington, IN but they are the only Helping Paws Pet Haven) and click the VOTE button! The shelter search box is below the cute banner/slide of puppies and kittens. You can vote once every day right through April 10. Grand prize $5000 grant, Runner up $2000 grant, plus other grants and prizes! Please vote every day and share.

My whiskers definitely rock! Love Toemen

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