Home is Where the Heart Is

Garfield is now back home with his beloved Dad. Garfield came to us as an emergency intake on October 1. At the time, and still today, we will not go into the whole story as it was a very disturbing, sad and delicate family situation. What we will share now is that Garfield and his brother Bandit had been abandoned, not by their dad, but by family members who were responsible for their care. Garfield's dad had had a serious stroke early last year and while in the hospital and rehab had believed that they were safe and well cared for. Sadly, as in many situations like this, that did not turn out to be the case.

Once we found out the whole story and had been in contact with Dad, we promised that we would take care of Garfield until he was well enough to go home again. Recently he left rehab and returned home. Now that he is settled back in, today was the day for Garfield to be reunited with him.

For me, It was a bittersweet drive and reunion. Having spent months getting Garfield back to good health and falling in love with his strong, wonderful and loving spirit, it was honestly very hard to pack up his toys, food and treats and put him in the carrier for his return. I know that I will miss him greeting me every morning and his arms wrapped around my neck every chance he could get, but I will also now remember the pure joy that was so visible on his dad's face when I walked in the door and the sound of the deep love and relief in his voice as he spoke to Garfield.

When I left 45 minutes later, my heart was lighter knowing that Garfield was back where he belonged and with whom he belonged. It is true, home is where the heart is, and Garfield's heart is now home.

I will be staying in close contact with dad and visiting regularly. We have assured him that at any time that it is needed, Garfield will be welcomed back to his second home here at Jamie's Legacy. Neither of them ever have to worry about Garfield's future well-being again. Joan & the JL Team

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