Doing What Is Right

One of our friends wrote this comment on last night’s post, "I know I've said this before, but this has to be the hardest, saddest part of TNR."

She is right, it is one of the hardest and saddest. We meet cats every week that would be wonderful personal pets yet they will never get that opportunity. When we can, we try to find them homes, but the fact is that the majority we are unable to place and they cannot all stay in rescues.

Speaking for the voiceless; trying to educate everyone to the tragedy that we humans have created; convincing people that it's everyone’s moral responsibility to ‘fix’ it; caring for and helping each animal we can; and assisting all the others who do the same; these are only some of the ways that every person who cares even a little can make a difference.

Any hurt that we may feel is but a drop in the ocean to the hurt of every stray, feral, homeless cat that goes unseen and uncared for. Even when it hurts, how can any human do any less than to try to save lives or make those lives better? We must not let hurt stop us from doing what is hard. We must use it as fuel to drive us to do what is right!


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