Sometimes Life is Not Fair

It was a beautiful day here!! We had all the doors and windows open and we played outside in the enclosure almost all day and especially when the volunteer lady, Janet, came with the vacuum and mop!

This afternoon Corker and I were inside for a bit having a chat about our mixed emotions this week. It is going to be one of those sad and happy ones for all of us. Tory, Joker, Boogie and I will be leaving on Saturday to go back to our colony. We are all from the same one, so we will all be together. Saying goodbye to our friends here, feline and human, will be kind of sad for everyone, but we are also happy because we will see and be back with all our sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., etc., and our wonderful human caregivers.

Sometimes life doesn't seem fair, and for us, and millions of other beautiful cats, there are just not enough forever homes for us all, so we must live a different kind of life. We are some of the very lucky ones though because we do have wonderful caregivers who love us, provide us with good food, very warm and comfortable shelter, medical care when we need it and lots of attention. Our colony only has 5 more cats to be altered and they will be done in the next few weeks, so our colony will not grow any more. We can all just settle down, relax and enjoy life now.

Anyway, we all wanted to say thank you so very much for being our friends and for making it possible for us to all be altered, vaccinated and given the medical care we needed. And don't you worry, we'll be stopping in now and then for virtual visits!

Well, it's time to get back to playing. Come on Corker, I'll race you outside, the night is still young! Love, SugarPuss


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