Alumni Update!

Hi everyone!! Max (aka Huey), Dewey & Louie here...did you miss us?! We wanted to stop in so you could see how great we are doing in our forever home. Our 3 human siblings and our mom are just spectacular. The boys are so much fun to play with and mom shares her bed with us every night. During the day when they are all gone, we entertain ourselves by getting into as much mischief as we can. Mom was so happy to get this picture of us all being still for a change, she just knew we needed to send it to you. It's hard to believe that we were only 4 weeks old, cold, starving and without a mother when we came to Jamie's Legacy and look at us now. Our lives couldn't be any better; we are all together again and have a home where we love and are loved. Whisker kisses and headbonks to everyone! <3 Max, Dewey & Louie

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