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Volunteer To Make a Difference

Each of us face challenges in our day to day lives just trying to get our personal responsibilities taken care of. Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Or that you would pay anything for a clone or 2 to help? Now imagine yourself dealing with your responsibilities and then add all the many, many challenges and responsibilities of also running a non-profit organization to that list. You and a very few volunteers are rescuing, sheltering and caring daily for up to 30 cats at any given time, while also organizing, facilitating and physically doing trapping, spay/neutering, transporting, pre & post op care, releasing and managing the TNR of Community Cats, organizing and handling emergency and regular medical needs, facilitating adoptions,; while also trying do fundraising, bookkeeping, record keeping, community relations, website and FB communications, and so much more!

Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Are you thinking "I couldn't do all this."? Are you saying "I can't do all this alone."? Well your not alone, I and our volunteers are all feeling and thinking the same. We are because we are just that, a very small village. We each give everything we have to get the work done, and we have done a lot, but we cannot keep up with the needs of our community. We need our Volunteer Village to grow and we need it to grow now.

We need volunteers who will commit regular time and work to a variety of leadership roles:

Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator

Grant Writer

Fundraising/Event Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Barn Cat Coordinator

Business Manager

TNR Coordinator

Full job descriptions for all the Leadership positions are available upon request via email at, or via our website Volunteer Application, or via phone call to 260-388-2133.

We also need volunteers to assist and help in a variety of other roles:

Sanctuary cat care



Pre/Post op care

Facility maintenance

Event set-up and participation

We are happy to discuss the needs and requirements of any of these general volunteer roles with anyone who is interested via our website Volunteer Application or by calling us at 260-388-2133.

Do not underestimate how much you can do to help. Every extra hand is vital to the continuity and success of Jamie's Legacy. There are so many lives to save and you can help save them. Yes, your adding to your own list of responsibilities, but trust us, you can do it. Every free roaming cat that you effect change in their lives will make an impression on your heart and mind forever. Please contact us today. Joan & the JL Team

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