Stop The Cycle

This beautiful, innocent. little boy is a Colony kitten. He was born outdoors, has had social contact with his Caregivers, is playful and loving, yet he and millions like him will spend their lives outside. Some would call him and his colony the 'lucky' ones. His colony has humans who give them food, shelter and care.

He spent 4 days with us this week and has now been neutered, rabies vaccinated , ear tipped and returned to his Colony. He will continue to live outdoors but he will not be contributing to any further generations living the same way.

He deserves a home. They all deserve homes, but they won't all ever have one until every person takes responsibility for having pet, stray and feral cats altered. Until then the cycle of homelessness will continue, and our hearts will break for every one of them while it does.

Help stop the cycle. Advocate and support spay/neuter.

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