Help Me Beat The Odds

UPDATE, UPDATE....hold the social networking super highway...I can't believe this, but it has already worked! I am adopted!! And just guess who I am going to live with? I am sooooo excited. I am going to live with my brothers, Huey and Louie!! Yes, it's true, in a very short time, I will be reunited with my brothers. Honestly, I have missed them so much, I haven't really been myself since they left. This morning, Kelly, their mom, saw my post and said that she had been thinking about reuniting us for a few weeks, and today, seeing my wee, beautiful face, she just knew the decision was simple. I have to go and pack my stuff, she will be here very soon and I want to be ready to go. I'll try to get her to take some pictures of us all together, if we ever stay still long enough, and have the Assistant share them with you. Have a wonderful, happy day everyone, mine most certainly will be. Bye, and thank you for all your love and support! Love Dewey, going home!

I'm calm, smart, affectionate, playful, easy going, get along great with other cats and would probably be OK with a dog if it was nice to me. I use the litter box, bury my stuff, don't eat that smelly canned food and am happiest when curled up in your lap sucking on my blankie (not sure yet if I'll outgrow that). Anyway, honestly, I'm an all around wonderful boy who just has the odds stacked against me just because of my color.

Are you my person? Or maybe someone you know; friend, family, FB friend, work associate, neighbor? Please help me beat the odds by sharing my story with them all! I don't want to live in Rescue my whole life. Thank you for helping me change that. Whisker kisses & love, Dewey

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