I'm Going Home!

I'm going home!! All primary Conductor spots are filled on my Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network train. I am soooo excited that everything seems to be running smoothly and that my transport will go as scheduled on Saturday. I'm still a little nervous though, as things could still go wrong, but I'm going to keep the faith and my paws crossed. My transport is still short back-up drivers, so if you could keep sharing to help us fill those slots it would relieve my mind a lot. Knowing that others could step in if, for any reason, one of the primary drivers had to step aside, would be great.

My official ticket and handmade, personalized travel blanket will arrive tomorrow and my new transport cage on Wednesday. I'm still a little shy so the Assistant got something very special to make my travels more comfy and cozy. Once everything is here and all put together just right for me, I'll share some pictures of my travel accommodations with you. Counting down the days till I meet my new mom! <3 Tory


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