A Simple Teeth Cleaning!

Well so much for just a simple teeth cleaning! The Assistant said 'don't worry Garfield, you're just having your teeth cleaned, you'll come back and you'll be fine." Ha! Not so much! Turns out I had to also have 2 premolars removed and am restricted to a soft food diet for the next 7 days. It's not the soft food, that I love, but to keep me away from the dry food that's out for all the cats in the Palace, I am now restricted to living in a cage for those 7 days. Needless to say, Garfield is not a happy boy today! The pictures, and if I do say so myself, not a very good one of me, were taken yesterday when she came to pick us up after our surgeries. Tonight I am sulking in my cage suite. I think I'll sulk for the whole 7 days just to make her feel even worse than she already does.

The good news is these 2 lovely ladies from Colony 34 are now spayed, rabies vaccinated, ear tipped and will be returning to their colony tomorrow evening. No babies being born to them this spring, or ever again!

Well, I better go and practice my really sad face, the Assistant will be coming soon with our treats! Love Garfield

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