Let Me Win Your Heart

Good morning! I'm just laying around, looking handsome as always and waiting for the right person to walk through the door. That person needs to be patient because I am a little shy at first meeting. Honestly, if you give me just a few minutes to get used to your presence in the room, and then some of your guiet, gentle attention, I'll reward you with my paws wrapped around your neck and my rumbling purrs in your ear. Once I give you my love and trust, you will never find a more constant and true companion. Where you are, I will be too.

I was found lost in a big, busy parking lot, running and dodging, terrified for my life when I was only about 14 weeks old. I'm not frightened anymore, but I still startle and hide sometimes when there are unexpected loud noises or really fast moving activity. So my forever home should probably be more on the quiet side, with adults, or even older, less loud and fast moving children, and probably no young, very active dogs.

I've been waiting for about 8 months now for you to arrive and it's getting harder every day to believe that you will. There is so very much love inside me to share. What a shame for you and me, if we didn't meet. Would you please come soon! Love, Searz

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