The Adorable Tory

I recently left my intake suite to live in the Sanctuary 'Palace' room while I wait for my transport on the 20th to my new home in NY. I am 18 - 24 months old and having lived outdoors on my own for so long , I'm understandably taking a little time to relax my vigilance, but every day I'm making heartwarming steps forward. I now don't run and hide whenever someone enters the room, and if I do, my curiosity is quickly getting the better of me, and I just have to come out to investigate. Quite often now I'm found lounging on one of the cat tree perches, enjoying the view of the cold day from the warmth of the inside, or when I think no humans are around, (they're peaking in a window), I'm down on the floor playing with the toys and other cats. I'm even cautiously allowing Joan and 2 of the volunteer ladies to approach and give me some loving carresses. Personally, I feel really good about my progress and know that once I am getting undivided attention from my new mom & dad, my trust will only continue to grow and with that my joy and comfort with socializing will grow in leaps and bounds. I think I'm going to be one amazingly fun and loving girl someday. Although, if I do say so myself, I'm adorable right now! Love Tory

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