Our Format is Changing, But We're Still the Same

You may notice that our posts started looking a little different last night. Please don't go anywhere, the format of our posts is changing, but we're still the same! As many of you know we launched a new website last year and now it is time for us to start utilizing it to its full capabilities, and one of those is our 'blog'. Starting last night, instead of writing our posts on the FB page, we will be 'blogging' them on the website and sharing them here. You can still comment here, or you can click on the picture for a full view and comment right on the website blog. Same great posts now in 2 great locations. Double the fun!

If you haven't checked out our website yet, please do, and check back in regularily as our WebMaster is working her magic all the time to get and keep us up-to-date and new. And don't forget to 'Subscribe to JL Updates and Newsletters' while your there, you don't want to miss any breaking news! Have a great day. Love Brent & the gang


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