My First Friend!

I made my first friend yesterday! What a wonderful feeling to be so close to another kitty again. He told me his name is Dewey and he let me lay beside him for a long time. He even licked my head!! I was so excited I thought maybe I was dreaming, but I wasn't. He is real, and he's my friend now. So much has happened in just one week! First I was rescued from the cold and lonely hole, then brought here and since then it has all been a whirlwind. I got worm and flea treatment, was taken to the doctor on Monday where I was neutered, tested negative for FIV/FeLv, found out I just have 2 adult teeth in, so I'm probably around 13 - 14 weeks old, and had my rabies and booster vaccinations. Then yesterday, I got to come out of my 'suite' for a little while to start getting more comfortable with the other cats and the bigger space. At first it was a little scary, but the assistant stayed close, and then I met Dewey. He let me crawl right into his perch and welcomed me with open heart and paws. Did I tell you I have my first friend! I really believe I will never be alone again. Love, Wesley

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