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Hello! My name is Tory, at least that is what they called me and I am about 2 years old. I came to Jamie’s Legacy as a TNR (trap neuter return) on Jan 10 with a big tom boy and 2 other girls. We all got altered, rabies vaccinated and health checked on the 11th. My friends went home 3 days later, but I had to stay for a while. The doctor said I had an URI and ear mites and needed treatment and antibiotics for 14 days. Once I was trapped and confined I didn't like it and was scared but after hearing soft words and being petted I liked it. The assistant believed I had a home once because I am so very gentle and loving. I guess she is probably right, but living outside for so long, I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to be petted and loved on. The humans who have been feeding and sheltering my friends and me are good people and do everything they can, even having us brought to a place to take care of us, but I was always afraid, and in ‘survival mode’, always looking over my shoulder. Being outside is very scary and it is hard not be afraid, even when the people are nice. I was really enjoying being inside and getting as much attention as I could before I had to go back outside. Belly rubs are amazing and getting brushed is like being in heaven, so I wasn’t wanting to rush going out. After I had been here for about a week, the assistant decided to post my story and a picture of me. Within hours a wonderful lady contacted Jamie’s Legacy and said she and her husband wanted to adopt me!! I will be an only child and spoiled beyond imagination. Their adoption application was approved, I am all healthy, and now I am just waiting to start my trip to my new forever home. I still can’t really believe this is happening, is it a dream? Well soon I will be boarding the Love Train to help me get to my happy ending! Thank you for helping me get to my new family! Love, Tory!

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