They Took My Teeth!

They took my teeth!! Well, not actually all of them. They left me ONE! I ask you, how is a self respecting senior supposed to walk around with his head held high when he doesn't have any teeth? When I went in yesterday morning I may have only had 8, but they were my eight and my ego dealt with that, but 7 of those are now gone. I'll never be able to smile again! Ok, your right, I didn't smile anyway, but that's not the point. At least before I had a choice not to smile, now that choice has been taken out of my paws.

Now with all that said, I do have to admit to you, but no one else, that I do think that I may feel a lot better after my mouth heals up. I haven't wanted to eat much for months now because it hurt, therefore I have been getting pretty skinny. With my blood work clear I guess it was those 7 bad teeth that were the problem. Without them, I am already eating more than I have in a long time. Well, I suppose if I can get my amazing, manly man, build back, I can strut my stuff without the smile.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the pain meds the doctor gave me, and I won't stop petitioning for a set of beautiful, pearly white dentures. Do you know if they even make those for cats?

All humor aside, I do appreciate being able to get this surgery and feel better. Thank you very, very much to the 2 lovely ladies that donated to my surgery. It wouldn't have been possible without them. And my deep thanks to Dr. Haney and her amazing team at Healthier Pet - Animal Wellness Center for taking such great care of me. Good night everyone, Love Smoke

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