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Support us While You Shop

All you have to do is register your Kroger/Owen's Plus card by signing up for a Kroger Rewards Account, at then entering 'Jamie's Legacy' or '21791' and choosing us as your non-profit choice. For anyone that shops at Owen's, don't panic, just choose a Kroger's store closest to you and shop at your Owen's as you normally would. You do not have to shop at the store you choose as your 'favorite'. I chose Kroger's in Wabash, a close town.

You will know you have enrolled us correctly when you see our name on the right side of your Kroger's information page. You will also see 'supporting Jamie's Legacy' at the bottom of any receipts you receive from Kroger or any affiliated store, such as Owen's Market. Trust me, it feels great when you read that!. t. Remember, you must swipe your registered card or use the phone number related to your registered Kroger/Owen's Plus card when you shop for us to receive the benefit.

Happy shopping and thank you! heart emoticon Tory

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