New Arrival

I'm the newest arrival at Jamie's Legacy. They are calling me 'Wesley', and I arrived on Tuesday night. My life journey, a whole 14 - 16 weeks or so, has been a little overwhelming for me. I can't tell you too much about myself, other than I and an adult cat, who I guess was my mom, were living under the foundation of a building all by ourselves. A very kind man, Sean, that lived close by was putting food out for us, but about 10 days ago the other cat disappeared. I found myself all alone, cold, hungry and very frightened. He kept putting food out, and when no one was around I'd dash out to eat it, but the rest of the time I would just hide in the dark hole and cry and cry all day long. Sean was so worried about me that he searched for someone to help and called Jamie's Legacy for me. The one they call the 'assistant' was very sick, so a volunteer came and drove her to where I was. She set up a manual release trap with a trail of wonderful smelling food from my hiding spot right into the trap. It was very cold and windy outside, but she said she couldn't leave without me because my crying was too heartbreaking to walk away from. I took about 20 minutes to get up enough bravery to come out, but the smell of the food made my stomach win out over my heart, and without much more delay, I worked my way into the trap. Bang, the door closed, I flipped out and a cover was put over me.

The next thing I knew I was being taken from the trap and placed in this little room they call a 'private Palace suite'. It's not bad really. At first I had a little carrier that I could hide in, but a couple days later I graduated to this cool little cubby. I have food and water all the time, toys to play with, a warm bed and I get to watch the other cats playing. The assistant insists on petting me every chance she gets and also picking me up and holding me against her chest! I think I like the petting part, although I still have a way to go before I'm comfortable with the holding, but it seems like it could be ok. So far nothing bad has happened and she doesn't do it for too long, so I'm reserving judgement on that for now. Anyway, I think I feel lots safer than in the dark hole, and it is definitely warmer, but I do still miss my mom. I think I'll believe that she's ok and that maybe someone took her in. That's a good and happy reason that she didn't come back to me. I hope she isn't missing me and that she also believes that I'm alright. Cause I am, and I will be. Thank you Sean for caring for me. - Wesley

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