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Jamie's Legacy Cat Shelter Give Away


Did you know that in cold weather, shelter is actually more important for stray and feral cats than food? Even though outdoor cats build thicker coats for winter, they can quickly succumb to hypothermia, particularly in rain and snow when their fur gets wet and doesn’t insulate as well. As well, stray and feral cats are more prone to parasites, respiratory infections and minor illnesses. Combined with cold, wet weather, these relatively minor maladies can quickly prove fatal.

Warm, dry shelter can save their lives. Please help cats in need and provide shelter.

If you are a caregiver or know of those needing shelter in or around the Huntington, Indiana area please contact Jamie's Legacy at (260) 388-2133 to arrange to receive a shelter from us. These thick, sturdy shelters are made from medical grade Styrofoam. They are already cut, stuffed with fresh straw and ready for keeping cats warm. Supplies and specific sizes are limited.

Rescues and TNR groups in Indiana that need shelters, please feel free to contact us for a referral to the cooler source.

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