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JL Sanctuary Fundraiser

Homeless Kitten's Medical Care

T-Shirt Fundraiser

Our T-shirt design is to help bring awareness to the 10's of thousands of homeless animals living on the streets of our country.  Awareness and education about the vital importance of adoption/spay/neutering of pets and stray/feral cats is the only way to end homelessness and the euthanasia of these animals.


With 15 rescue kittens presently in care at the Sanctuary, financial resources are stretched to the limit.  These kittens are innocent victims of humans not altering their pets.  Their lives can be different from their parents by simply being altered and vaccinated.  Our cost for doing so will be approximately $1600.00.  We need to sell 100 T-shirts to make that difference for them.

Help us give them the best chance for a long, healthy and happy life.  Buy our T-shirt today!


Just click the link, choose a color, place your order and share our campaign with your friends and family.  


Jamie's Legacy is a unique, open concept, indoor and outdoor enclosed, 501(c)3 non-profit Sanctuary for stray/feral cats.  All donations are tax deductible.  

No Special Fundraisers Running at this Time.
To donate for daily expenses, food, litter, medical, etc.
please use Donate link at bottom of page.

Sanctuary Projects

New Cat House

December 5/16 - Update:  'Schurr Cottage' has come a long way.  Yes, it is taking longer than we had planned, but work is being done as funds and volunteers become available, and we are getting closer to completion every day.  Our sincerest and deepest thanks to everyone who has donated money, time, labor, building supplies and cat items towards this huge project.  Without an amazing village this needed space would never have happened.  Today, insulation, walls, painting, heat and linoleum are completed.  We are now installing window trim and cat doors.  Next we will outfit it with cat trees, litter boxes, etc, and then the big day...opening it up for the cats to enjoy!


September 9/16 - Update:  Windows, door and roughed in electrical wiring done.  First inspection approved!  Next stage is insulation, ceiling and walls, then flooring, paint and finishing touches. Please donate today to make finishing the new building for the cats possible!


August 12/16  What a day here...the new building arrived! Work on the inside will start next week with the installation of windows and a second door. We still need to raise the money for insulation, walls, flooring, etc., however we are not letting that dampen our excitement and hope. The saying 'do what you love and the money will follow' will prove true here. What purpose could be more full of love than caring for stray, lost, abandoned, feral, abused and sick cats!

Bless everyone for making our mission possible.  



Jamie's Legacy Palace Catio


In late August 2015 a small open air enclosure was installed with access from the 'Little Palace', our Intake and Medical Care room.  The cats and kittens that spend time in this room will now enjoy, when cleared medically, have the pleasure of outdoor access that is safe and secure.  See more information and a picture using the link below.

Palace Catio Link


Open Air Cat Enclosure


In early April 2015 we were able to purchase 300 feet of the 'Purr...fect Fence', a specialized outdoor, open-air cat enclosure.  On April 25, it installation was complete the cats were allowed out to run, play and sun in their new approx. 6,000 square foot enclosure.  Thanks to our wonderful supporters the JL Sanctuary Cats will have 24/7 access to a safe outdoor environment.

Purr...fect Fence Link Here



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