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Jamie's Legacy Trap-Neuter-Return Information Overview


  • Colony sites will be visited and assessed by a TNR Coordinator prior to Trap-Neuter-Return, also known as TNR.

  • Jamie's Legacy may make suggestions to prepare a site for future TNR.

  • Successful TNR requires the following to be in place:

  1. Cats are healthy for surgery

  2. Cats can be returned to the trapping site

  3. Cats have dry and warm shelter

  4. Cats have an ongoing feeder/caregiver in place

  5. Friendly cats can be adopted if there are available approved adopters

  6. Permission from landowner to live trap is obtained

  7. Caregiver commitment to the TNR of all cats in colony and to the TNR of any cats that may arrive in the future

  8. Adequate funding is available

  • TNR with Jamie's Legacy is unable to do the following:

  1. Remove or exterminate cats

  2. Take cats

  3. Pay for spaying and neutering of all cats

  4. Live trap in temperatures below 45 degrees or during thunderstorms

  • Jamie's Legacy utilizes the veterinary services of Dr. J. Haney of Healthier Pet - Animal Wellness Center in Huntington, IN

  • The Jamie's Legacy feral/stray cat package price is $55.00 per cat and includes:

  1. Neuter/spay surgery, general health check, rabies vaccination, mandatory left ear tip (universal sign that a cat has been altered and rabies vaccinated)

  • There is no charge for trapping, pre and post op care and transportation of cats by Jamie's Legacy

  • Please make every effort to protect ear tipped cats, and to educate others about ear tipped cats.  They are the answer to  cat overpopulation in Huntington County.

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