Jamie's Legacy Sanctuary Cats

These are the faces of the lost, abandoned and feral cats that presently live at the Sanctuary.  


Other colonies/cats that have been assisted financially with TNR through Jamie's Legacy's 501(c)3 Non-Profit, are cared for by their own caregivers  and are not in this album.


All cats trapped by JL are scanned for a microchip.  We make every effort to reunite potentially lost animals with their guardians. 


Some cats become Sanctuary Residents and others become available for adoption.  Our adoptable cats come from a variety of backgrounds and situations.  Some have come to us as adults, kittens, stray and feral.  All have their own personalities and quirks, some with special needs, but all more than ready for life in the right home.   


An Adoption Application must be completed and in some cases approval can be done for same day adoption.  Each cat has received a minimum of $150.00 in medical care.  All cats are altered, tested, vaccinated and treated for parasites before they are made available for adoption.  Our adoption donation is $50.00 per cat. (Please note: we do have no-declaw and indoor only clauses in our adoption contract)


If you have been wanting the purrfect cat(s) to enrich your life, then don't wait!    For more information and/or to set-up a time to meet them, please call 260-388-2133 or email jamies.legacy@yahoo.com


To see pictures of cats that have left the Sanctuary you can see most of them here: 

Adopted, Reunited with Guardians and At The Rainbow Bridge album https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.875789045768897.1073741836.525278907486581&type=3


Thank you, Jamie’s Legacy Volunteer Team

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Jamie's Legacy is a 501(c)3 non-profit that cares for these cats and physically and financially assists the TNR of free roaming cats throughout Huntington, IN and surrounding areas. We are run solely through donations. How many we can help with Sanctuary and TNR is based on those donations. There are many ways you can help, and they can be found by clicking on the donate link below.


Jamie's Legacy is a 501c3 Non-Profit

educating, advocating and implementing

“The Compassionate Path – TNR for Community Cats".

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