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Jamie's Legacy Board

Jamie’s Legacy will be managed with professionalism, honesty, integrity and transparency.


Jamie’s Legacy Board of Directors, members, consultants and volunteers goals are to:

• support Jamie’s Legacy Sanctuary cat’s physical, medical and emotional needs

• work to humanely stabilize and reduce stray/feral cat overpopulation in Huntington, Indiana through the non-lethal practice of TNR

• assist and provide caretakers and friends of free roaming cats with TNR education, training, and resources

• educate the general public about the success and benefits of TNR and the health and welfare of free roaming cats

• work with City and Community organizations to approve and support citywide TNR Community Cat Programs

• promote, support and assist rescues and shelters to participate in TNR programs

• engage supporters to join and support Jamie’s Legacy’s goals through membership, volunteering and financial support

Executive Board

Joan Gardave Warner—President/Founder


Joan was born and raised in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.  She attended York University, in general studies and George Brown College in the Career Counseling program.  Her employment background is diverse, including Senior Sales Representative for an international shipping firm, Director of Program Services for Sutherland Chan School, and for the 10 years prior to her early retirement in 2007, she was a Facilitator, creating and presenting business management and outplacement workshops to organization and corporate employees of 5 – 120 people, and a Career Information Specialist, providing job search/career change coaching to individuals and organizations.


Joan retired in 2007 to spend more time with her recently retired, U.S. citizen boyfriend, now husband, and to facilitate her immigration to the U.S.  After years of dividing their lives a half year in Canada and a half year in the U.S., Joan crossed the boarder as a visitor for the last time on September 9, 2012 with an approved Fiancé Visa.  At last, they, and their 3 cats, Khaya (Canadian born), Ally and Jamie (U.S.born), settled to full time residence at her husbands home in Huntington, IN.  Joan received her Permanent Residence status in July 2013.


Joan has been an animal lover and advocate since her earliest memories.  She has rescued, rehabilitated, raised, and when appropriate released, toads, birds, raccoons, dogs and cats, to name only a few.  She has been an active volunteer and board member for a local no-kill cat rescue since November 2007.  Her motto has always been ‘to love me, you must also love animals”.


On September 17, 2012, her cat Jamie went missing and Jamie’s Legacy began.  From a Facebook lost pet page, originally called ‘Help Find Jamie’, grew a support base of thousands across the globe and an organization with a mission to improve the lives of free roaming cats in NE Indiana, through implementation of “The Compassionate Path – TNR for Community Cats’, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the feline overpopulation problem.


Joan’s days are full with Jamie’s Legacy; personal cats, Khaya, Ally and Finnigan; her own colony cats; gardening; growing and canning fruits and vegetables; photography; working with her husband, Mike, to maintain their property of woods and cleared land; and her volunteer work.

Sarah Haney—Vice President/On-line Media and Marketing Coordinator


Sarah was one of the first and most ardent supporters in the initial days of the search for Jamie, and has continued to work closely with the organization throughout its growth, from the “Help Find Jamie” Facebook page to, the Jamie’s Legacy Facebook page, and to our current incorporation as nonprofit corporation with full tax exempt 501(c)(3) status.  Sarah attended Southeastern Louisiana University and has extensive experience with online media marketing.  She is the Founder of the Facebook page “Calamity Jane Kitty,” the Co-Founder of “Protecting Animals through Changing Humanity,” and an Administrator of Jamie’s Legacy page.  Sarah has extensive experience with web page analytics and marketing.  These will be two of her key roles with Jamie’s Legacy. 


Sarah has worked as a consultant on numerous web pages and websites.  She has been an animal lover and rescuer since childhood.  She has rescued cats, dogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, squirrels and birds.  Sarah became more deeply involved with animal rescue, animal cruelty and animal rights advocacy in 2012, when her husband rescued a kitten he found in a dumpster corral.  The kitten, CJ, had had her tail cut off and was abandoned to die. 


Sarah has raised thousands of dollars through online fundraising for the medical care of numerous cats across the United States.  She was instrumental in the successful rescue of 24 lost and displaced cats while serving as a Trapping Consultant for an eighteen month period.  Sarah and her husband, Will, currently reside in Florida and share their lives with 2 rescue cats, Calamity Jane and Annie O. 

Judy K. Williams - Secretary/Foster Coordinator


Judy was born and raised in Huntington, Indiana and has been lending a helping hand to both people and animals for most of her life.  She worked as a Nurse for over twenty years, working primarily in the areas of long-term care and assisted living facilities.  Judy has extensive knowledge working with domestic animals, in particular extremely young kittens which require round the clock care which Nurse Judy is able to provide.  Judy has often been recognized for her extreme dedication and compassion to those in need by colleagues, patients, friends and family.


Judy brings her passion, experience and dedication to the quality of life of every cat, to her position as Foster Coordinator.   Judy currently resides in Huntington, IN with her husband John and their family of cats including Lucky, Cowcat and Renny, each of which have been rescued under various circumstances.  In her free time, Judy likes to read, spend time with her animals, and research issues involving animal welfare.  

Advisory Members

Dr. Jennifer Haney DVM - Medical Standards Advisor/Medical Care Provider


Dr. Haney graduated from the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1998.  Her practice is Healthier Pet - Animal Wellness Center, in Huntington, IN. 

Cody Williams - Lawyer/Legal Council

Cody graduated from law school and became a licensed attorney in the State of Indiana in 2011.  He has served as an attorney and Commercial Manager for Fidelity National Title, managing partner and attorney for Franklin & Williams, P.C., and is now practicing law as a solo practitioner in the areas of animal welfare real estate transactions.  Cody has formed numerous 501(c)3 animal welfare organizations, including Shadarobah Horse Rescue, Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition, Fort Wayne Feral, Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry and Jamie's Legacy.  Cody currently resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with his various rescued cats, manages a feral cat colony and cares for the various wildlife in the area. 

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