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The Compassionate Path

We had 3 wonderful cats, Khaya, Ally and Jamie, and were quite content with our little clan. Then, on September 17, 2012, our Jamie, went missing. After a 97 day search, he was found; tragically, he had died only days before.


Within days of Jamie going missing, free roaming cats started showing up on our property. Having a couple animals come through the property would not have felt unusual, but this almost continuous stream just didn't make sense to us. We couldn’t help but believe that Jamie was, and still is, sending these hurt, lost, alone, abandoned and illusive cats to us, with the hope of healing us, and them. No number of cats can fill the hole in our hearts that his absence has left, but they are definitely giving us new love, challenges and purpose.


What quickly become obvious to us was the overwhelming number of free roaming cats that need help. This fact and the proven success of TNR (trap, neuter, return) Community Cat Programs led us to the next most obvious path for Jamie’s Legacy to forge.


That path is to continue to give the best personal, physical and medical care to the stray/feral JL Sanctuary cats; to advocate and educate about TNR; to assist other Colony Caregivers, physically and whenever possible, financially, with the TNR of free roaming cats in Huntington and surrounding areas.


Since we started Jamie’s page in September of 2012 Jamie’s Legacy has provided Sanctuary to over 40 free roaming cats.  3 we were able to find their guardians and return, many have been adopted, a few have passed, others are still here, either waiting for adoption or as permanent members of our Sanctuary Community.  All cats that come to JL Sanctuary are altered, tested, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and receive the medical care, food, shelter and attention they deserve for the duration of their lives with us.


To date, Jamie’s Legacy has provided TNRM (Trap Neuter Return Management) to over 100 stray/feral Community Cats in Huntington, IN.  These services have included financial and physical assistance with things such as trapping, transportation, holding for before and after care, spay/neuter, rabies, ear tipping, microchipping, flea/worm treatment, emergency medical care, donation of food, training for TNR and colony care and loaning traps.


Jamie’s Legacy is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit. We are managed solely by volunteers and with the donations of supporters. All donations are used for the care of the Sanctuary cats and TNR of Huntington area colonies. The number of free roaming cats we can TNR is contingent on the donations/grants we receive. All donations are tax deductible.


Any inquires for information, assistance or to volunteer may be directed through email to jamies.legacy@yahoo.com or ‘private message’ to www.facebook.com/jamieslegacy . Messages will be responded to within 48 hours.


The success of the ‘The Compassionate Path – TNR for Community Cats’ will be achieved with the active participation, growth and support of a compassionate village.


We welcome you joining us in our journey.  The Jamie’s Legacy team


“Well-intentioned people argue that it is our humane responsibility to kill feral (free roaming cats) kindly, rather than let them face the rigors and perils of an uncertain future. When I observe a recently caught feral cat, cringing in terror in the corner of its cage, I see a being not altogether unlike myself. If I were that feral, facing an immediate death, or a chance at life, replete with all the perilous uncertainties it holds, I would choose life. And so for these feral, I can choose no less." Cole McFarland


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