Our Mission

“To improve the lives and wellbeing of free roaming cats and to eliminate feral/stray overpopulation, through advocacy, education, assistance and implementation of the non-lethal practice of TNR (trap, neuter, return) Community Cat Programs"

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Welfare organization advocating and implementing 'The Compassionate Path – TNR for Community Cats' in Huntington, IN


What has become obvious to us throughout this experience is the overwhelming number of free roaming cats that need help. This fact and the proven success of TNR (trap, neuter, return) Community Cat Programs has led us to the next most obvious path for Jamie’s Legacy to forge. That path is to give the best personal, physical and medical care to Jamie's Legacy Sanctuary cats; to advocate and educate about TNR; and to assist other colony caregivers with the TNR of free roaming cats in Huntington and surrounding areas.

Celebrating 2017


In the rush and stress of everyday life we can all lose sight of what good we have done together.  We want to remind you.


Your support forever changed the world for 81 lives!


Thank you for making it possible for those 81 beautiful stray/feral cats to walk 'The Compassionate Path' with Jamie's Legacy in 2017.  Today we can all remember that love is still very much alive in our world.  

Donate to Jamie's Legacy

Your donations are what make it possible for us to support our stray/feral Sanctuary cats and to financially & physically support TNR of free roaming cats in the Huntington, IN area. Please help us extend the Compassionate Path to those in need.

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Support Spay/Neuter

in Indiana with a 

SNSI - Pet Friendly 

licence plate!

The Pet Friendly plate provides funds for SNSI’s vital programs.  It’s currently the #2 selling specialty plate and each plate sold brings $25 to SNSI.   Every dollar of that money supports spay/neuter surgeries.  Join the thousands of Hoosiers who sport the plate that tells others they love animals.


Jamie's Legacy is one of hundreds of non-profit animal welfare organizations in Indiana that has been helped every year by SNSI covering the cost for 30 of the Community Cats that we TNR every year.  Without their assistance we would not be able to give this vital medical care to the cats that need it the most.  


Follow this link to check out and order your

Pet Friendly plate today!

Any inquires for information, assistance or to volunteer may be directed through email to jamies.legacy@yahoo.com or ‘private message’ to www.facebook.com/jamieslegacy. Messages will be responded to within 48 hours.

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